Common-sense approach to local vaccine rollout

Common-sense approach to local vaccine rollout Main Image

22 February 2021

I rise with an update on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for front line health workers in the Mighty Eden-Monaro.

Last week I was contacted by doctors and nurses in the Bega Valley who were facing an 11 hour drive and two days away from their patients and loved ones in order to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Initially staff were directed to Liverpool Hospital in south west Sydney, time away from South East Regional Hospital and local GP clinics that would have had flow on impacts across the community I represent.

I rasied these issues in the media and also met with Health Minister Greg Hunt to express our concerns and no we’ve seen a common-sense local solution emerge.

I am pleased to report that during these early weeks of the rollout, Liverpool Hospital vaccinators will now travel to Bega Hospital to vaccinate health staff as part of the Phase 1a rollout of the Pfizer vaccine.

A common-sense solution for Bega Valley health staff who have carried the weight of bushfires and the pandemic for over 12 months now.

Thank you to those health care professionals who raised their concerns 

I am told that further outreach clinics will open across the Southern Health District in the future.

The people of Eden-Monaro have risen to the challenges of the last 18 months with dignity and a deep commitment to each other.

The rollout of the vaccine will help our resolve and bolster our dedication to see this through and continue to build a strong renewal.