Raise our Voice in Parliament

Raise our Voice in Parliament Main Image

By Kristy McBain

19 October 2021

 I rise today to raise the voice of Jazmyn Michie, who is from my electorate of Eden-Monaro. Jazmyn writes:

… our natural Environment is simultaneously my greatest passion, and greatest fear.

There is nowhere I am happier than experiencing the natural beauty of this world. No time am I sadder than when I think of what we have already lost and what future generations stand to lose.

I am scared. Scared of witnessing another decade of denial. Of not even taking a step, when we need to be sprinting.

A leader is supposed to use their influence to inspire and empower others. When our own leader said we need less activism in schools, less activism from young people, we were let down. We are done with being silenced, patronised, rejected and scared for our future.

In 20 years we will see resilience, because everything this generation has gone through, will make us strong. The generation who withstood bushfires, a pandemic, climate deniers, record rates of mental illness and yet continued to speak up for what they believe in.

Thank you, Jazmyn, for sending through your words. Thank you to the Raise Our Voice campaign, because raising young people's voices in parliament is a really important part of the democratic process.