Queanbeyan Whites Win the Day

Queanbeyan Whites Win the Day Main Image

10 August 2021

 I rise to acknowledge and thank the Queanbeyan Whites rugby union club for their inspiring Win the Day charity round on Saturday. They traded in their white jerseys for black ones boasting a rainbow sash, representing the Win the Day charity.

A charity started by well-known Queanbeyan athlete Kristy Giteau after one of her daughters was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She has not only been the driving force of the charity but has made it her mission to make it easier for other parents going through the same situation that she and her husband found themselves in, separated from family for long periods of time, away from children and suffering financially.

Win the Day was born out of experience and out of a need to do more. She said: 'When undergoing treatment, the moments can be hard, and there can be several bad moments in a day. Hence there had to be a reason or a drive to win the day.'

The message resonated with so many people in the community. The Queanbeyan Whites raised close to $50,000 on Saturday, through jumper auctions, merchandise sales and money just donated by members of our community. This is what small communities do. They support each other. They get behind each other.

The Queanbeyan Whites have a long affinity with the Giteau family. I want to thank all of the members of the Queanbeyan Whites rugby union club for being involved in Saturday's Win the Day round. Congratulations to you all. People can get more merchandise off the Win the Day website.