Interim report from the Bushfire Royal Commission

Interim report from the Bushfire Royal Commission Main Image

01 September 2020

Thank you Mr Deputy Speaker,

Today marks the start of the bushfire season across eastern parts of the mighty Eden Monaro.

The communities I serve are also digesting the interim report from the Bushfire Royal Commission.

I am pleased that Commissioners have echoed the harsh reality communities from Batlow, to Kiah, to Rockton, to Braidwood all experienced on those days choked by smoke and fear.

The interim report highlights more frequent and intense natural disasters due to climate change.

I implore the Government to not just watch - but act.

The lack of national coordination that was evident last season was simply cruel.

The recommendations from 20 years of natural disaster inquiries have not be implemented – and Eden Monaro has paid the price.

Work on streamlining Australia’s confusing bushfire warning systems needs to be finished.

The miss-matched technology needs to be addressed – information brings power and comfort.

Right now - my communities are in the midst of a fragmented recovery effort – people have been re-traumatised by having to re-tell their story.

I thank the Commissioners for their work and the residents of Eden Monaro who have made their voice heard in this process. I stand with you.

While recent rain has been welcome, it can’t slow our progress on what needs to be done.

Families, businesses and farmers in Eden Monaro are still missing out on assistance.

I will continue to advocate for the chook and cattle farmers, the graziers, the forestry industry, and all those desperate for a helping hand.