Pay attention on the roads over the school holidays

Pay attention on the roads over the school holidays Main Image

10 April 2024

The Hon Kristy McBain MP

Member for Eden-Monaro


The school holidays in New South Wales are a busy time on Eden-Monaro roads.

We all want people to get to where they are going safely, but it takes the whole community to make sure we have zero deaths on our roads. In February alone 110 Australians lost their life on our roads.

The school holidays are a time when families can rest and relax after the term at school and prepare for the next one. We do not want it to be a time of tragedy.

As families take advantage of the school break and head away for holidays, we should all strengthen our efforts to use our roads safely.

Drivers can do their part by ensuring they are not distracted, take regular breaks when driving long distances, travel at or below the speed limit and drive to road conditions.

For quick reference guides on road rules for each state and territory, visit:

Councils in Eden-Monaro have significant and ageing road networks to maintain, which is why the Albanese Government is partnering with them to deliver key safety upgrades.

Over $3.1 million has been delivered to Eden-Monaro councils under Roads to Recovery in 2023-24, with funding for Commonwealth road programs significantly increasing from 1 July.

Roads to Recovery will gradually increase from $500 million to $1 billion per year, Road Black Spot Program funding will rise from $110 million to $150 million per year, and a new $200 million Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program will be established.

Quotes attributable to The Hon. Kristy McBain MP:

“Over the school holidays I ask everyone in Eden-Monaro to prioritise safety on our roads.

“With more children playing on and around our roads, now is the time to be more attentive and aware of your surroundings.

“It’s crucial to exercise caution and responsibility behind the wheel.

“Road safety affects all members of the community, every day.

“Deaths on our roads are not just a statistic; they are someone's parent, child, sibling, colleague, or cherished friend.

“Don’t be reckless behind the wheel – pay attention, buckle up, do not drink and drive, do not speed, and don’t take risks on our roads. It just isn’t worth it.

“Together, we can keep our roads safe for everyone, especially our children.”