Upgrading Brindabella Rd

Upgrading Brindabella Rd Main Image

20 April 2022

If elected a Labor Government will fund critical safety upgrades to the most dangerous section of Brindabella Road.  

Labor will commit $17.4 million to the project which will reduce travel time for locals while also improving safety.  

This project will open up more opportunities to locals, visitors and businesses. It will create more secure local jobs and secure a better future for communities across the Snowy Valleys.

The Snowy Valleys community has been advocating for these upgrades for a long time.  

As part of the recovery process following the black summer bushfires, individuals and businesses have come together to discuss ways to kick start the local economy. 

Brindabella Road is frequently raised as a way to open up the region to more visitors. 

Upgrading Brindabella Road will allow ACT residents and international tourists to get to the Snowy Valleys more easily, cutting 66 km off the alternate journey via the Hume Highway.  

With so much happening in the region to boost tourism, including the Sculpture Trail and multiple new bike tracks, the Snowy Valleys is becoming a popular weekend getaway for Canberra residents. 

By making the journey safer and much quicker, we have the opportunity to open up the region to far more visitors.  

I’m proud that Labor has made this commitment to the Snowy Valleys.

The Snowy Valleys Council has already funded and completed a full survey, design and cost plan for this project meaning works will be able to commence without unnecessary delay.