Powering Communities Program

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31 May 2021

***Expressions of Interest are now closed - please sign up to my Grants Bulletin to be notified of future grant opportunities***

I am pleased to announce Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the ‘Powering Communities Program’ are being received up until 31 May, 2021.

The Powering Communities Program will provide $10.2 million in grants to help not-for-profit community organisations reduce energy use, improve energy productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Up to $67,700 is available to fund up to 12 projects in every electorate, including right here in Eden-Monaro.

The minimum grant amount is $5,000.

The maximum grant amount is $12,000.

The program aims to save energy and reduce power bills through:

  • Upgrading equipment to reduce energy consumption
  • Undertaking energy management activities and assessments, such as energy systems assessments and feasibility studies
  • Investing in energy monitoring and management systems
  • Investing in on-site renewable energy and solar-connected batteries

Eligible projects include:

  • Installing solar PV systems and solar-connected batteries
  • Replacing some energy using equipment with new, more efficient equipment
  • Energy audits and monitoring equipment

The full list of eligible activities are set out in the Program Guidelines.

How to apply:

Read the Program Guidelines, make sure that your organisation and activities are eligible, then complete the online expression of interest form before 31 May, 2021.

If your EOI is approved, you will be invited to complete a detailed formal application through an online portal which will be processed by the Department of Industry.

Next steps:

Powering Communities Program Guidelines - HERE

Expression of Interest Form - HERE

Our community has felt the impact of our changing climate, we are beyond ready to make the energy transition needed.

I am determined to make sure no one is left behind as we make that adjustment. This grants program is one of many ways our community needs to be supported. 

Thank you for being part of the change we need, good luck with your application. 



Photo: CSIRO